Ground data

From 2013, field campaigns have collected ground data useful to validate the satellite-derived biophysical products of the Copernicus Global Land service. The in-situ measurements were acquired by EOLAB and/or local teams according to the guidelines defined in compliance with the protocols proposed by the CEOS LPV group. The local measurements collected over the main vegetation types of the sites have been up-scaled by EOLAB using high resolution satellite imagery to generate reference maps of LAI, FAPAR and FCOVER. A quality flag map, given the level of confidence on the physical values, is associated with the biophysical maps.

In addition to the datasets below, a single file gathers the LAI, FAPAR, FCover values averaged over 3kmx3km sites, useful for the quality assessment of kilometric EO-derived biophysical products.

The dataset are provided in zip archives containing the individual measurements acquired over the Elementary Sampling Units, the resulting maps, and the data processing report.