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Oct 07 2014

Second Advisory Board Meeting

The second Advisory Board Meeting of ImagineS project held in Valencia on 24th September 2014.

At mid-term of ImagineS duration, the project team presented the achivements, the current status of the activities, and the overall strategy for the second part of the project: i) continuing to support the Global Land service operations; ii) moving to higher resolution in the biophysical variables retrieval; iii) strengthening the actions towards users.

Recommendations were mainly about the interactions with the user community. In particular, B. Baruth, from MARS Unit of JRC, adviced to well define the target audience of training meeting, to build use case showing to implement biophysical  products into users workflow, and to prepare generic material with description of products and examples of applications. A. Brink, from JRC, suggested to coordinate training efforts towards African users with other initiatives (MESA, Copernicus Global Land service). I. Jarvis, from Agri-Food Canada, recommended to strengthen the link with JECAM, especially for the collection of in-situ measurements necessary for the validation of the satellite-derived biophysical products. Finally, H. Dufourmont, from EEA, encouraged the project to build links with the Pan-European Land Service. 

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