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Mar 08 2018

ImagineS ground measurements database used for MODIS and VIIRS LAI/FPAR analysis

The ImagineS database provides ground measurements of LAI, FAPAR and FCOVER collected during single date or multi-temporal field campaigns over 20 sites around the world from 2013 to 2016. This period corresponds to the beginning of the VIIRS sensor era and, as such, the ImagineS database is very useful to assess the global biophysical variables derived from this sensor. In a recently published paper (Xu et al., 2018), the ImagineS database is the reference to quantify the VIIRS LAI/FPAR uncertainty and compare it with the MODIS LAI/FPAR uncertainty.

Xu, B.; Park, T.; Yan, K.; Chen, C.; Zeng, Y.; Song, W.; Yin, G.; Li, J.; Liu, Q.; Knyazikhin, Y.; Myneni, R.B. Analysis of Global LAI/FPAR Products from VIIRS and MODIS Sensors for Spatio-Temporal Consistency and Uncertainty from 2012–2016. Forests 2018, 9, 73.

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