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Aug 14 2014

ImagineS at the IGARSS 2014

HYGEOS, coordinator of ImagineS, has showed how the project contributes to the Copernicus Global Land service.

The presentation focused on the work achieved on the biophysical variables (Leaf Area Index (LAI), Fraction of Absorbed Photosynthetically Active Radiation (FAPAR), Fraction of Vegetation Cover (FCover)) derived from the PROBA-V data at 333m resolution. The innovative retrieval methodology, defined by INRA, was described and some examples were showed. The link with the Copernicus Global Land service was highlighted: ImagineS supplies the service with a software, developed by HYGEOS, able to process systematically, and in a reliable way, the input data over the globe, as soon as they are provided by the mission ground segment.

The processing chain is currently in the final test phase. The production of PROBA-V 333m LAI, FAPAR, and FCover should start in September over Europe, in a first step, with the objective to extend the spatial coverage to the whole globe by the end of the year.

The presentation is available here.

All information about IGARSS 2014 can be found on the symposium webpage.

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