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May 26 2015

ImagineS at ISRSE 2015

The recent results of the ImagineS project were presented at the 36th Symposium on Remote Sensing of Environment in the session on Agriculture.

Roselyne Lacaze, from HYGEOS, presented the Copernicus Global Land service, its current status, its evolution, and its application on agriculture. In particular, she explained how ImagineS supports the evolution of the service with the development of the processing chains able to ingest 333m resolution PROBA-V data to generate the vegetation variables (leaf area index, fraction of radiation used for photosynthesis, fraction of vegetation cover) and the surface albedo. In ImagineS, the algorithm are set-up by INRA and Meteo-France, respectively, and the processing chains are developed by HYGEOS. Once the chains are qualified, they are delivered to VITO which runs the chains in the context of the Global Land service. She also showed how the in-situ measurements collected during the ground campaigns conducted in ImagineS are exploited to assess the quality of the Global Land products. Her talk was complemented by a poster, presented by EOLAB, focusing on the validation of Global Land PROBA-V products using the reference dataset set-up in ImagineS.


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